Local TT Courses

Understanding British time trial courses is renowned by the uninitiated as being something of a black art. Events are listed in an annual handbook published by the CTT where dates, times and organisers details are listed for riders to enter. All seems clear enough… but the actual courses to be used are only described by cryptic letter number codes such as A25/16 or K16/25. For the uninitiated we’ve tried to list some of the popular local courses as an introduction.

First up, and very importantly, the first letter always indicates the geographical region in the country.
A – is for the Central district, this is the district that includes Derby.
K – is for the Midland district which includes Burton, Warwickshire, Coventry etc.
O – is for the North Midlands district which starts north of Matlock and Bakewell.
J – is for the Manchester district which includes Cheshire and courses west of Uttoxeter.


These are “fast” courses that are favoured by riders who are looking to set Personal Bests, compete
in Open BAR competitions, or just plain don’t like hills.

10 miles 25 miles 50 miles 100 miles
Long Bennington (A1) A10/14A A25/4
Etwall (A50) A10/19 A25/11 A50/6 A100/4
Carlton-on-Trent (A1) A10/21 A25/25 A50/25
Princethorpe (A45) K10/10
Burton (A38) K16/25
Ranby (A1) O10/2 O25/10 O50/6


Whilst these courses don’t include any real hills the roads typically are rolling and twisty, often with a rough or “grippy” surface. Not conducive to fast times but popular with those who don’t want to ride drag strips. The DMRC BAR competition was introduced to encourage those who prefer this sort of course.

10 miles 25 miles 50 miles
Griffydam A10/17 A25/16
Goostrey J2/3 J2/9 J4/16
Wolvey K41/10 K41/25


These events are typically early in the season and are often favoured by road racers looking for some hard miles to polish their form. The distances are often “non-standard”, so not the 10, 25, 50 miles etc. used by the Open BAR competitions.

AH/2 Matlock Hilly 25 miles
AH/8 Windley Circuit (2 laps) 21 miles
J8/3 Buxton Mountain TT (Longnor) 33 miles
J8/4 Adoria (Tour of Kinder) 26 miles


Strictly for the masochistic, the shorter they are the steeper the gradient.

AHC/1 Riber (from Matlock) 1308 yds
AHC/6 Bank Road, Matlock 850 yds
J9/5 Snake Pass (from Glossop) 3.2 miles
J9/7 Cat & Fiddle (from Macclesfield) 7 miles
OHC3 Monsal Head 645 yds
OHC8 Beeley Moor 2.3 miles
OHC5 Curbar 1,796 yds
OHC6 Rowsley Bank 970 yds