2020 Time Trial Series

The 2020 Time Trial series has finally started. The rules and format is different this year to follow the ‘New Normal’. Below is the post from Harry Crew regarding the new rules and format.

Below is a list of all of the Police approved events, including all of the “special” events including the much loved Long Lane 25! Sorry for the delay in posting this update, I’ve been busy/away and had lost track of time. The first event will be next Tuesday (18th) on Long Lane, meeting at the start (not the clubroom)

For all U18s, please have a parent/guardian complete a consent form at the following link and bring a hard copy in an envelope or plastic wallet to your first event: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/guardians

A brief reminder that temporary waxed paper numbers will be provided, these are purchased by the rider for £1 and must be kept for future events (replacements available £1 each). Pins will be provided. Entry is now £4 for over 18s, free for U18s. I will produce a FB event for each week and hold a public entry form in each event for “pre-entry”.I look forward to seeing you on the roads 😊

These events will not be business as usual, and as such there are a number of guidelines volunteers, competitors and I will have to comply with in the interest of safety.These can be summarised as below (when applied to our events):- There will be no HQ, sign-on will occur at the start of the event when lining up to start (if pre-entered) – you are expected to bring your own pen/pencil to do this- Riders will start the event with one foot down- Pre Entry will be set up, I will load a sign-on sheet to Google docs in the week before each event to the DMRC Facebook page, riders will be expected to sign-on or send their apologies in good time. It will be compiled on a first come first served basis with priority given to DMRC members.

Large groups of people will not be allowed, you must remain away from the start/sign-on unless you are within 4 minutes of your start time, or signing on on the day- New numbers will be allocated to riders after an expression of interest to race in one or more event over the remaining season. These will be issued for a £1 fee and it is the rider’s responsibility to look after them (similar to track leagues). I have one spare of each, if you turn up without a number and I do not have the spare, you will not be able to ride. Additionally, if the 25 rider limit is reached having a number does not guarantee a ride.

The event fee per event is now £4 for over 18s, and free for under 18s due to the CTT levvy being increased. This can be paid cash on the day (no change available) or can be PayPal’d to myself on the evening. –

Social distancing applies at all times, you will not be allowed to congregate in a group (4 or more) at the start or finish for an extended period of time.

Car parking will not be allowed in the start or finish area, additionally spectators/rider helpers/parents must remain clear of the start/finish at all times. Parents are permitted to shadow younger riders during the event on a bicycle, if you do this in a car the rider will be disqualified.-Riders are expected to be self-sufficient number pinning, mechanical assistance etc. is only permitted by someone in their household and there will be no facility provided to store spare jerseys, bidons etc. whilst you are racing.-If you or anybody in your household is ill, you will not be permitted to ride the event and will be asked to go home immediately. Further guidance is available from the CTT website here (see COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Guidance Documentation):https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/organisers

Please remember we are representing Derby Mercury as whole, not just during but before and after the event. You are reminded to stay distanced from all others not in your household when travelling to and from the event. Failure to do so may lead to me listing you as a DNS and being asked to go home.