Go-Ride Indoor Roller Sessions

Guidance for how the Go-Ride Indoor Sessions are grouped

To effectively and safely access the Open Sessions,  we (the coaches) would expect to see riders:

  • Independently set up and take down a station including rollers, set up rollers length, set up their kit, bike, clothing and sustenance: pre, during and post the session.(Ask a coach for help if necessary).
  • Start independently – (chairs allowed).
  • Be able to stop safely and leave the station in a safe condition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and a capability to ride at different cadences (speed of pedalling) and levels of effort (power output – from twinkle toes to race pace and above efforts).
  • Demonstrate a growing confidence on the equipment through a relaxed style and an ability to ride for an extended period at a low intensity.
  • Switch freely between all hand positions on the bars.
  • Be able to ride for an extended duration with one hand off the bars
  • Drink whilst rollering.
  • Respond to coach direction, communicate and be willing to “have a go” – it’s not a bad thing to fail.
  • Undertake standard basic warm up and warm down sessions independently being aware of times and efforts appropriate to age and activity.

Riders will develop the skills & knowledge through participation in the 18.30-19.15 session (and can practice at home).

Any question or activities to develop your skills and understanding just ask any of the DMRC coaches.

Members / Non-members

DMRC Membership is not required for your First session.

DMRC Membership is required for your Second session onwards.

One-off visitors can be accommodated by agreement with a club coach in advance, due to space limitations.