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DMRC Go Ride Track 20/02/2019 Track groups 3 and 4

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    All 3&4 riders please confirm your availability by posting against this thread.

    Sign on: 17.30 (Track Access 18:00 to 20:00 in three 20 min blocks)
    Cost: £10.00. To remind go riders – your coaches are volunteers.
    The session is suitable for the riders listed below. For any interested rider not on the list (Members of Derby city cycle clubs only) please talk with the coach to confirm this is an appropriate session for you. For youth riders outside Derby city please contact you local cycle club to discuss youth track opportunities.
    Rider List:
    1 Otto Chilton NA
    2 Charlie Cowling A
    3 Sami Grainger NA
    4 Luke Kininmonth A
    5 Douglas Main A
    6 Rose Price A
    7 Samuel Thomas A
    8 Niamh Williams A(may be late)
    9 Seb Varley A
    10 James Silvester A
    11 George Amor-Hughes NA
    12 Craig Arch A
    13 Evangeline Kininmonth A
    14 Ella Rastall A
    14 Ethan Rastall A
    16 William Hunt
    17 Sam Alton NA
    18 Tom Sergeant A
    19 Sam Wright NA
    20 Lucy Buckley A
    21 Ben Chilton NA
    22 Ellie Dilks
    23 Flynn Gregory A
    24 Joseph Kininmonth A
    25 Archie Wania NA
    26 Mike Newall A
    27 Jess Tiffney ?
    28 Carrick Hewing A
    29 Ernie Creswell NA
    Martha A
    Burt A
    Jack A
    Ella A
    Linus A

    A note to T2 riders – after this weeks cancellation if we find low numbers due to this session being in half term then the invite will be extended to you – watch this thread
    Acknowledged and avail : Martha – ye Martha you can ride

    Please post here


    Yes please for Samuel Thomas

    Peter SeargentPeter Seargent

    Thomas Seargent is a yes. If there are places for those who had the Y2 session cancelled, Martha Seargent is also a yes.

    Both 100%

    AvatarCharles Price

    Yes please for Rose Price

    AvatarGillian Campbell

    Yes please for Niamh although we might not get there till 6pm

    AvatarAndrea Hewing

    Yes please for Carrick

    Team AltonTeam Alton

    Hi, Sam Alton is not available for this one. Thanks!

    AvatarNicola Main

    Yes please for Doug thanks

    AvatarJon Arch

    Yes please for Craig

    AvatarJenny Silvester

    Yes please for James S.

    AvatarJo Grainger

    So sorry but Sami Grainger is away next week


    Invite extended to all T2 riders – please RSVP here
    1. DMRC Jack Tracey
    2. DMRC Sam Wood
    3. DMRC Fergus Shackleton
    4. DMRC James McCann
    5. DMRC Lewis Billington
    6. DMRC Sam Crick
    7. DMRC Burt Cundy A
    8. DMRC Ewan Shackleton
    9. DMRC Ted Harvey
    10. DMRC Martha Sargeant A
    11. DMRC Ella Langston
    12. SPRC Aidan Pettit
    13. DMRC Erica Galuer
    14. DMRC Rose Hetherinton NA
    15. DMRC Linus Picker

    Peter SeargentPeter Seargent

    Great. That’s Tom and Martha Seargent then.


    AvatarMatt Cowling

    Charlie Cowling available

    AvatarCarol Harris

    Yes Please Burt

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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