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9 Jan 2019 Rider Planning Session – Woodland

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    Go-Riders this Wednesday Night. Y3/Y4 Leave your bike at home.

    Bring yourself and a pen and paper. This week we will look at planning your year.
    How to help you target your goals. Reduce your stress and focus on what you want to do.

    Parents sit in too as this will help you help the riders when they need that bit of moral support.

    Aim for a 6.45 start, should be done for 8.00pm.

    Y1 & Y2 are at the track.
    For the younger riders your roller session will start again at the arena on 16 Jan, but have a go on the rollers at home.

    AvatarSteve Palmer

    So a cracking response from Riders and Parents at the session, hopefully going through this has helped and the discussions during.

    As promised the docs we showed you.

    Lifestyle Audit – Whats your week look like ?
    Fill it in as your week is now, dont adjust it to suit what you think it should be. Once youve filled it in then review it.

    Lifestyle Audit – Word

    Weekly plan, you fill this in prior ie what you going to do on each day then after each session at the session detail and the personal detail.

    Weekly Plan – Word

    Ill get a copy of the calendar sorted and post a link later.

    Any question please ask the coaches

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    AvatarSteve Palmer

    As promised the calendar attatched

    1. calendar-2019.xlsx
    AvatarGeorge Amor-Hughes

    Thanks Steve & Ian!

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