Time Trialling

Time trialling is one of the most popular, and easiest, forms of competitive cycling to get into. The Mercury have lots of annual time trial competitions for all ages with over a dozen Trophies and and even more Medals to be awarded at the annual club dinner. 

If you have any questions contact David Barber or Dave Banks 

Club Evening Time Trial Series

For More information about the Club Evening Time Trial Series please visit this page.

Club 10 Mile Championship

Trophies are awarded to the fastest Woman and Juvenile Mercury riders in one event in the Evening Time Trial series nominated by the committee at the start of the season. The increasing difficulty in finding suitable courses on quiet roads has meant that in recent years the 12 mile Long Lane course has been nominated for this competition. For 2014 the 10 Mile Championship will be on <Yet to be announced>.

Club 25 Mile Championship

This championship is awarded to the fastest Mercury rider in a 25 mile trial nominated by the committee before the start of the season. Trophies for fastest Man, Woman and Junior. For 2014 the nominated 25 Mile Championship event is <Yet to be announced>.

Best All Rounder (BAR)

The BAR competitions are season long competitions based upon riders results from open time trials. There are five BAR Trophies up for grabs over the season. Click here for more details.

Hill Climb & Freewheel

This is the club's traditional time trial season closing event. One trophy for the fastest rider on the way up, and a second for who can go furthest on the way back down without pedalling on the way. Click here for more details.

Inter-Club 25

As the name suggests this is a competition between several of the local clubs. Two trophies are awarded, one individual, one team. For more details click here.

Derby Mercury Open Time Trials

The Mercury run two annual open time trials. For 2014 these are to be a 10 mile event on the <TBC> A10/19 course at Etwall <TBC> and a 25 mile event on the <TBC> A25/11 course also at Etwall <TBC>. For more information on the difference between "open" and "club" time trials see the FAQ page. A trophy goes to the fastest rider from any club, not just the Mercury, in the 25.

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